Monday, September 19, 2011

Back in the USSA

The Falls

So the past few months have been a crazy time for me. Lots of going here and there and doing this and that. Finally at the beginning of this last week I landed in my home town of Idaho Falls and it has been a fantastic reunion with family and friends.

There certainly have been a lot of changes in the past 13 months. The town has added and lost some businesses (one restaurant opened and closed in that 13 month period and I never had a chance to sample their wares). The politics of the country has certainly become more European and in so doing making the book Atlas Shrugged seem even more relevant (I'm also wondering when I'll need to begin paying my VAT). My nine year old decided he should grow to my shoulder height (I'm six foot one!) and my 3 year old is riding his bike like a pro and using phrases like "you frustrate me." I've certainly made changes. I've come back with a little more gray in my hair, a novel under my belt, and perhaps a little wiser in the ways of the international world. One thing is for sure, change is inevitable. No matter how badly we may want things to be one way it can't be that way forever.
It's like if you want a job very badly, so you educate yourself, you make the sacrifices and after putting in the hard time you get the job. But the moment you get that job you begin to lose it, others want it, the standards change, your priorities change. Life never gives you that moment where you can just sit still in the same place for long. And that's okay, life would be pretty dull if it always stayed the same, besides all you have to do is just let go and enjoy it (easy right?).

Well there are some great changes on the horizon for you Clark Chamberlain fans. Loves Deception is on track for a November release on Kindle and I am already hard at work on my next thrilling novel which will be taking place in the great city of Butte Montana. Also coming soon will be the return of my weekly videos and a new podcast segment.

Talking about the podcast I am in search of podcasting partner, so if you or someone you know enjoys talking about writing, thrillers and life drop me an email

Come back Wednesday when I will be revealing the last character from Loves Deception.


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