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Welcome to Loves Deception. A page devoted to revealing the characters of my new novel, sharing information about the world they live in and to giving you exclusive prequel stories. All of this will give you the edge in unraveling the secrets that lie in Loves Deception.

The First Five Chapters:
The first five chapters of Loves Deception are finally here! Click below on your format of choice. Enjoy!

 The Story:
Henry Ricks has had a long string of very bad luck. There was the failed business in Seattle then his wife left him with a demand for a huge sum of money. So divorced and penniless Henry returned to his hometown of Rexburg Idaho where he hoped he could restart his life. But as each job offer mysteriously disappears and with no hope of a new love life...until Mabel moves to town. Mabel is amazing; smart, sexy, fun and for Henry she may be the start of a new string of good luck. But what Henry doesn't know is what Mabel does for work. She is a corporate spy and assassin. As Mabel's world begins crashing in on Henry's will love be enough?

The Players:

Rachel Ricks
Rachel Ricks was only twelve years old when her mother died. Her father, a construction worker by trade, did the best job he could raising a daughter but anyone can clearly tell his roughness wore off on her. Although Rachel is only seventeen, having to take care of her father, growing up in Idaho, and dealing with her mother's death has left her a little more wise than most people would suspect, giving her an advantage when it comes to understanding the complications of life. Rachel is Henry Ricks' sister and his closest friend. There is nothing that Henry would not do to help her.
Agent Doug Martin
Doug Martin has been an FBI agent for five years. His sharp thinking and courageous action have helped to make him one of the best agents on the West coast. Steven Howards has been a partner, mentor, and friend and thankfully Doug has never been put in a position that would make him choose between Howards and the job.
Doug is the kind of man who can handle the problems that life throws his way, but there are sometimes when he finds his girlfriend, Sarah, is little too much to handle.

Doug is an amazing FBI agent to find out how he got to be the man he is read:

Joe Suthers
Joe was old school CIA. A spies spy; but to be honest the money in the government sector really wasn't all that good. Certainly he could have sold secrets to some small nation hellbent on sticking it to the United States but Joe was not and never would be a traitor. Instead he saw an opportunity in the private sector and he grabbed it.
Now Joe deals in other peoples secrets and the occasional nasty business of death. His clients come to him because of his reputation and stay with him because of his ability to deliver what they ever they ask for. In order to stay at the top Joe's company, Suthers Limited, finds and hires the best, like Mabel Young.

Melissa Vanders
Melissa Vanders is an intelligent, beautiful woman who always gets what she wants. She graduated top of her MBA class at Harvard, where she met Henry Ricks.She was married to Henry Ricks for four years during which there was an unfortunate business venture that failed. It certainly seems to be the reason for the divorce.
Currently she is still trying to work out an arrangement on a large sum of money that he owes her. This business about the money has become more intense and she has returned to Rexburg in order to seal a deal with Henry. But money may not be her only motive in this endeavor. 

Agent Steven Howards
Steven Howards always seems to be one step ahead of the criminals he's after. Of course it's pretty easy to devote all of his time since the government passed the Free Trade and Securities Act, placing investigative powers into the hands of private security, and reducing the number of central government agencies and agents.
He never likes to feel out of control so Howards is careful in everything he does. He has been partners with Doug Martin for five years, before that it seemed that no one would be his partner for long. They might stay for a year or two and then move over to the private industry.

Mabel Young
Mabel Young (that was her name today) worked for years with the CIA until she could no longer agree with the constant changes in politics. She moved into the burgeoning private industry of private security and surveillance with Joe Suthers.She has flourished.
She is a professionals professional, always staying a step ahead of the competition and never allowing her personal feelings to get in the way of the job, always staying in the shadows. However living such structured life can leave a person wanting more. Mabel has been in more dangerous situations than she cares to remember but Henry Ricks may well send her down the road to face the one danger she has always avoided: her own desires.

Henry Ricks
Henry Ricks has had a bit of a rough patch over the past several years. Luck has been against him with two failed businesses; that seemed to lead to his divorce, from Melissa Vanders, and brought him back to his hometown of Rexburg Idaho where he has been unable to put back together the pieces of his former life. Every job he applies seems to evaporate and there has been no love life to be seen. 
But his luck seems to be turning now that he's met Mabel.

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